3 Lowest cost travel spots in 2017

3 Lowest cost travel spots in 2017

3 Lowest cost travel spots in 2019

If you have decided to take a tourist trip you must be in the search for the most suitable places for this year’s trip and many tourist destinations you can resort to, but it is endless and imprecise; some may satisfy your taste and the other does not. But what about the amounts you will put up for this tourism and what if it is not paid?

The tourist is often displeased by the shock he is experiencing, not because of the beauty of the place he visited, but because of the prices he did not expect. The trip turns into a wave of anger and resentment. Besides being fantastic, all of these places are talked about by travel experts who have had many experiences.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Why Mazatlan in Mexico? Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in terms of price, it combines cultural places with the beauty of nature and is characterized by its terrible restaurants, many and varied, and the hotels are very reasonable prices, especially as they do not belong to the world series of hotels known for their high imaginary prices. A cup of juice in Mexico is said to be worth half the price of a cup in the United States. A well-known hotel is the El Sayed Marina, ideal for families and the family room rate of 4 beds up to $ 100.

South Africa

In South Africa, the exchange rate is in the interest of the tourist, less than $ 20 can reach you far away through the transport of South Africa and the hotels are the cheapest since a hotel room can be taken at $ 266 for $ 786 for the same room in America for Example South Africa has a good climate in the summer, and South Africa has a variety of options in terms of tourism services provided; but as a tip you must book your ticket well in advance.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you want to visit the Caribbean, you have to visit San Juan, a very affordable tourist area. The city is small and does not need much transport to reach the various restaurants that serve delicious dishes. You will not need much to pay for the taxi until you reach the shopping areas. Casa Blanca and Villa Hirsencia are among the region’s best-priced, high-cost hotels.